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About our site

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to helping artisans and craft workers in local and global marketplace. Our mandate is to represent vendors operating as individuals or communities around the world and enhance the relationship with the customers.

About Us

We have created a marketplace for people and provided a choice of displaying personalized art from different parts of the world where people can sell and buy unique and indigenous goods. Our marketplace creates an environment for individuals and entrepreneurs to sell what they make and to help them grow by selling and promoting the artworks. On the other hand, it provides the shoppers a place to find handmade items, goods and craft supplies they can’t find anywhere else.

Becoming a Member


Step 1 - Register and set up your account at http://www.artidel.com/provider

Step 2 - List your products in the Categorie


It is not mandatory to register and set up your account at http://www.artidel.com , however, it is strongly recommended to register an account with us.